One day Coffee Bean was talking with Blover. Blover sneezed a great one. It blew him 9,000 miles away! Fume-shroom was blasting zombies. Coffee Bean woke up Jalapeno. Jalapeno said "my good nap!..." Jalapeno exploded. Dr. Zomboss stole the rest of the plants. Fume-shroom was blasting zombies. No more? Okay, Get the plants back! Coffee Bean came. First they put Jalapeno to sleep. Then they destroyed the other zombies. Then they went on the search. First, the first night they found 5 plants. Marigold, Sunflower, Melon-pult, Winter Melon and Imitater. They brought them to shelter. The next the found Peashooter, Gold Magnet, Squash and Gatling Pea. They went home, too. They found Blover. Blover went home also. Part 2 coming soon!

Plants remaining

  1. Cherry Bomb
  2. Wall-nut
  3. Potato Mine
  4. Snow Pea
  5. Chomper
  6. Repeater
  7. Puff-shroom
  8. Sun-shroom
  9. Grave Buster
  10. Hypno-shroom
  11. Scaredy-shroom
  12. Ice-shroom
  13. Doom-shroom
  14. Lily Pad
  15. Threepeater
  16. Tangle Kelp
  17. Spikeweed
  18. Torchwood
  19. Tall-nut
  20. Sea-shroom
  21. Plantern
  22. Cactus
  23. Split Pea
  24. Starfruit
  25. Pumpkin
  26. Magnet-shroom
  27. Cabbage-pult
  28. Flower Pot
  29. Kernel-pult
  30. Garlic
  31. Umbrella Leaf
  32. Twin Sunflower
  33. Cattail
  34. Spikerock
  35. Cob Cannon
File:Jalapeno 34-1-.png
Coffee Bean2-4-

Coffee Bean after Blover sneezed.