Sun or brains?

aka Sun or Brains

  • I live in Wikia
  • I was born on November 28
  • My occupation is Is Cherry Bomber
  • I am Male
  • Sun or brains?

    Hello gang, the new challenge about almanac entries come right today! All right, lets go (if yu dont know the rules, see my first post about almanac entries)

    Starting with plants now:

    -------- sure, but ------------ belie a spongy ------- filed with --------- ----------. ----------- justs wants to ------

    and be ----------- most folks -----------------, but --------------- --------------, --------------------------------- working out.


    I do this for the --------------, he says, then -------------------------------------------------------

    Now the zombies!

    To ------------ extra ------------------------------------- to the ----------------------------------------------------

    Stone--------- ----------------------------…

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  • Sun or brains?

    Almanac entries

    February 28, 2014 by Sun or brains?

    Hello Guys let's see all the almanac entries and you can discover the plant or zombie as a really im speaking, this is a game, let's  starting with the zombies...

    was made stronger by Dr. Zomboss in a experiment. He was supposed to be a lot -------- and destroy a whole lane of plants, but something went wrong, his --------- ----------

    And now with plants...

    ! Says ---------- "Didja like that? I can do it again. ---------! W--! Thats me popping to -------

    around me, i just like ----- Exactly like ----, belive it.

    You discover, the other blogs im give new challenges for you...

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  • Sun or brains?


    Hello guys, sure, you like the Cherry Bomb, if you like pvz see this history, or the zombies ate your brains!!!!

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