As you may or may not know, I love exploits. And so, I was quite disappointed when PopCap fixed that glitch that let you get Imitater upgrades and Giant Wall-nuts and such. Well, I have discovered another exploity glitch, and I am now proud to present to you: the iPhone 5 Quick Play Glitch!

As you may or may not also know, I recently obtained an iPhone 5S. And I noticed something in PvZ on it right off the bat, which lead to my exploit-finding nature discovering this. What is it? This glitch lets you play any level from Quick Play without finishing adventure first, you just need to have unlocked More Ways to Play. So here's the story:


Because of the iPhone 5's wider screen, the menus have more space around the sides. When you scroll over all the way to the Quick Play area, the screen still ends where it would on an older iPhone, so about half of the Quick Play button in the More Ways to Play section is still visible on the left, and the level selection at the top of the screen hangs over it. When you return to the More Ways to Play section, That area is obviously still visible, except without the level icons. What I discovered, was that they are still there, just invisible.


So, unfortunately, you have to already have an account on that device that already unlocked Quick Play for this to work. Go onto that account, open Quick Play, select the area you want (but not the level!), and return to the main menu (with the back buttons). Switch to the other account, open More Ways to Play, and tap the top right corner where the invisible icons are. Ta-da! You are now playing that level, even if you haven't got that far in Adventure. Unfortunately, you can't earn seed packets or get zombies in the Almanac with this. However, it's still fun to mess with! When you finish the level, the Quick Play menu will actually open, but the button still won't work. So from there, you can just play any Quick Play level you want! Have fun!