It occured to me that a large portion of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is about Matilda getting tacos. After reclaiming the Police Office Lot, she wants to reclaim the Cafe so she can make something she won't tell us about. I'm guessing these are tacos, because after her kitchen catches on fire and goes out on its own (making me go through 20 levels for nothing), she wants the taco truck so she can just get the tacos from there to give to "David". After getting the truck, Burt needs the Flaming Pea to fix the truck, then you need the get the badge in Frostbite Falls so you can place the trucks and Matilda can get the stupid tacos. So, let's see here, that's (22+23+24+25...) 94 levels, plus the four lots, so a total of 98 levels. You usually use about 20 plants per level, so 20 times 98 is 1,960 plants. Each plant grows in an average of 5 hours, so 5 times 1,960 is 9,800 hours to grow plants, which converts to 408 days if grown individually. If you can grow 15 plants at a time, that's 27 days total growing plants, amost a month. So that means you spend 27 days beating 94 levels using 1,960 plants just so Matilda can get some tacos.