This is my idea for an update that will compromise between both the lovers and haters of the new update, with basically everything available from both the new version and old. It won't be too difficult to unlock levels, but not too ridiculously easy either. There will still be replayability left, Gangantuars, and I even took into account the new Zomboss levels. So here it is!

Keys and Stars have returned, but are not the same as before. The only purpose of Stars is for 3 star challenges on regular levels, and being able to use them to purchase Premium items (something people have wanted since the beginning; a way to get Premiums without paying). The old map design is back, with branched paths, key gates, and star gates (but they've been renamed "time gates"). Keys are as before: a different kind for each world. However, gates can be opened instantly with just one Master Key, which are renamed World Keys because they're for more things now. It takes around 5 Master Keys to continue into the next world after beating all of the main levels (10 normally, 11 in Ancient Egypt). After level 7 in each world is completed, a Gargantuar level appears, but is not part of the main level order (it can be completed whenever you want; there's no rush). Beat that level to earn a Master Key and unlock that world's Challenge Zone. Master Keys can also be found inside presents on the map (or costumes, like now), in Treasure Yeti lunchboxes, in Pinata Parties, and can be purchased in different amounts ($1.99 gives you enough Master Keys to unlock every gate in a world, unlike $1.99 for one gate from the original version). Beating Ancient Egypt day 7 gives you 5 Master Keys to start you off, and you are warned to use them wisely (so you don't blow them all on gates before reaching the time gate to Pirate Seas). And last but not least, Dr. Zomboss boss levels. Beat every level in the world (excluding star challenges), and Dr. Zomboss will appear, say something or another, and require 3 or so Master Keys to unlock the boss level. Oh right, and Power Snow. It can stay, as long as Power Pinch hangs around too. And I'm done.