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  • I live in SPAAAAAAAACE
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is opening 3000 packs trying to get Shooting Starfruit
  • I am still angery
  • Starfruity

    Swello all my friends and acquaintances. You might have already noticed this a bit, but I'm not currently as active as I used to be. I have a lot going on with school and other personal things, so I'm not going to be around that much. I'll try to come on when I can, and manage any drama that may show up because that's what I do. :P

    If you want to stay in contact with me, friend me on Facebook because I use that more than I probably should, and talk to a fair amount of wiki friends there. And don't forget to add me in PvZH! (I'll give you one guess what my username is.)

    As for my bureaucrat rights, I feel I need to keep them because of my tendency to mediate everything, plus the fact that I'm only one of four active bureaucrats currently... A…

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  • Starfruity

    I decided to jump on the bandwagon and share my class idea. This is a Plant Class called Cosmic. Why? Because... Cosmic.

    They are Ghostly, have Synergy, and use lots of special abilities!

    Icon: Crescent moon surrounded by tiny stars

    Color: Indigo (like Crazy but darker)

    The main focus of this class is using lots of special abilities unique to each particular card. It also uses two new types of stats:

    Ghostly: Attacks go over this, but this loses 1 health each turn

    So basically, anything Ghostly avoids all attacks. If a Zombie tries to attack it they will hit the Plant Hero instead (or another Plant behind it with Team-Up). Attacking Tricks can't be played on it. However, it will still get affected from things that reduce health, like Nibble.


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  • Starfruity

    Hey, remember that Mod Loader I made a while ago? I made it BETTER!


    • File conflicts are now resolved by the Mod Loader automatically! No longer shall you have to face the daunting task of sorting out the mod files youself.
    • New feature allows you to clear mid-level saved games with a single click (because mods with animation edits can crash when you try to load a saved game).
    • Now you can reorder mods in the list to your liking!
    • The font used (Cafeteria Black) is now embedded into the application so it displays properly even if you don't have the font installed.
    • Rearranged the menu so it's easier to understand.
    • Greatly shortened the Readme file so it's easier to understand.
    • Added tooltips to show what each button does.

    Tired of renaming 10 di…

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  • Starfruity

    So, there are suspicions about these images. About the "FINAL" world in PvZ2. Are they real? Are they fake? The answer lies below. READ ON!

    Hmm... Zen Garden is missing...


    And the answer is...


    It's FAKE! Congratulations to everyone who saw through it, and to everyone who fell for it, gotcha!

    Now please participate in this short survey.

    Another note: This may be the last year I can do this, if PvZ2 is truly ending... But just in case, if I do this again next year, please don't give it away! And if you didn't know I do this every year, go look at the Mockup Gallery on my userpage to see the previous pranks.

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  • Starfruity


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