There's probabaly already other ones, but i'm doing one anyway!

1. Why is it called Lost City when this is the time were it was found.

2. It dosen't say the date when it took place, and that makes me angry!

3. Still going with that 5 plants in 32 levels huh. Well, that's bull****.

4. Lava Guava's plant food makes bubbles if it's near water.

5. Also its plant food is a rip off of Fire Peashooter's.

6. The zombies have mustaches. I thought the Frostbite Caves zombies looked wierd but this!

7. Red stinger's defence form sucks and is never used.

8. Same with its peanut form. I guess we can call it that, right?

9. Redstinger makes Repeater, Peanut and Wall-nut useless.

10. Oh and again with the rip off of Fire Peashooter's plant food!

11. A.K.E.E looks like a flower, even though it's supposed to be a fruit.

12. And it looks like Power Lily.

13. A.K.E.E stands for Anonymous Katapulting Electromactic Emitter, and none of those words fit A.K.E.E.

14. Endurain is a pretty clever idea, well, it would be if 2 other's didn't come out in different games before.

15. Oh, and Endurain has weak health, which is, again, bull****.

16. Stallia is a very dumb pun.

17. And it looks very sleepy.

18. Gold Leaf dosen't have a stem.

19. Also it has the same animation as Hot Potato

20. And it has the same eyes as Rotobaga's.

21. AND it can't be placed in other worlds! Like, why Popcap and EA! And again, that's major bull****!

22. Toadstool makes Chomper useless.

23. Also it has a bad chewing animation.

24. Why can't Pilot Zombie be blown away by Blover or Hurrikale?

25. So, Excavator Zombie is going to be that zombie in every world that sucks, isn't it.

26. Also its shovel is invinsible.

27. When something made out of gold is invincible cliché.

More coming soon!