1. In part 2, almost all the levels have every single zombie in BWB

2. Banana Luancher crushed Bambooms dreams

3. Lily Pad's a guy and for his costume he has a pink flower on top of him

4. Homing Thisle crushed Catails dreams

5. There's 32 levels yet there is only 5 plants on the map. 5 PLANTS!!!

6. Chomper is taller than Tall Nut

7. Low Tides suck

8. The zombies come from the water, but where do they come from, the other side of the ocean?

9. Banana Luancher also crushed Cob Cannon's dreams

10. Level 16 is harder than the zomboss battle

11. The Zomboss battle dosent have chomper in it!

12. Chomper and Guacodile act like dogs

13. Guacodile can shoot seeds in the water if a surfboard is infront of it but if not, it dosent shoot them.

14. Banana Luancher can only hit in a 3x1 range. WHY DOES IS COST 500 SUN!!!

15. Why are bulbs in the beach?

16. Also, why did they de-buff Bowling Bulb so much, cause now it sucks!

17. Homing Thisle and Hurrikale are related

18. WHY CANT POWER LILY BE PLANTED ON WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19. It came out in October even know BWB is in the summer

20. Zombies come so fast that atleast you lose 1 lawnmower unless you use powerups