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  • SquashCake

    There's probabaly already other ones, but i'm doing one anyway!

    1. Why is it called Lost City when this is the time were it was found.

    2. It dosen't say the date when it took place, and that makes me angry!

    3. Still going with that 5 plants in 32 levels huh. Well, that's bull****.

    4. Lava Guava's plant food makes bubbles if it's near water.

    5. Also its plant food is a rip off of Fire Peashooter's.

    6. The zombies have mustaches. I thought the Frostbite Caves zombies looked wierd but this!

    7. Red stinger's defence form sucks and is never used.

    8. Same with its peanut form. I guess we can call it that, right?

    9. Redstinger makes Repeater, Peanut and Wall-nut useless.

    10. Oh and again with the rip off of Fire Peashooter's plant food!

    11. A.K.E.E looks li…

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  • SquashCake

    Ask Toadstool!

    May 30, 2015 by SquashCake

    Ask toadstool anything you want. Nuff said.

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  • SquashCake


    May 22, 2015 by SquashCake

    I guess this is a meme on this wiki now. So...

    Credit for pictures: A plant, Wynaut821, Drek'TharSuperSword, and Gargantuar333

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  • SquashCake

    100 Edits! Already?!

    March 28, 2015 by SquashCake

    I have 100 edits, yay! But there's just 1 really weird thing, this is the third day ive been on this wiki O_O! I don't know why I edited so much things, but still. Plus this is not my first blog post either, its my second! I also already have 21 badges! Jez I need to do more things with my life XD.

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  • SquashCake

    1. In part 2, almost all the levels have every single zombie in BWB

    2. Banana Luancher crushed Bambooms dreams

    3. Lily Pad's a guy and for his costume he has a pink flower on top of him

    4. Homing Thisle crushed Catails dreams

    5. There's 32 levels yet there is only 5 plants on the map. 5 PLANTS!!!

    6. Chomper is taller than Tall Nut

    7. Low Tides suck

    8. The zombies come from the water, but where do they come from, the other side of the ocean?

    9. Banana Luancher also crushed Cob Cannon's dreams

    10. Level 16 is harder than the zomboss battle

    11. The Zomboss battle dosent have chomper in it!

    12. Chomper and Guacodile act like dogs

    13. Guacodile can shoot seeds in the water if a surfboard is infront of it but if not, it dosent shoot them.

    14. Banana Luancher…

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