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What's new in the last update?

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Hey guys.

I download the apk and obb from last soft release and here's what I have found that's new in the Summer Parties update:

1) Strawburst released.

2) Cactus avaible (soon to be released)

3) New costumes for some plants: Strawburst, Cactus, Lightning Reed, Peashooter, Stallia, Gold Leaf, Tall-Nut.

4) New quests in Travel Log: kill X amount of Gargantuars from FF, WW and AE; kill X amount of Wizards; kill X amount of Seagull Zombies.

5) New summer piñatas parties.

6) NOT sure if Frostbite Caves' sliders were fixed but Travel Log's bug (when a quest don't disappear even after you completed it) wasn't fixed.

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