Special:WikiActivity is broken, it does not show that I get the badge. Derp.

Someone456, I have joined Plants vs. Zombies Wiki for one year! In this year, I learn lot of knowledge about HTML, improve my English, and meet lot of friends here.

You can see my history page to know my history on this wiki. I joined this wiki on 14th August in last year. I come to here because I love Plants vs. Zombies. I met my first friend.

Later, when I got 1000 edits, I requested to be staff, but somebody said that this wiki had so much staff, so no one would be promoted.

I had another bad history. I got blocked because I changed Giga-Gargantuar to Giga-gargantuar. Luckily, an Admin (b-crat now) unblocked me to let me help this wiki again.

Then, the first b-crat came back and gave me rights. Then I was demoted again. Finally, many users kept struggling for my rights. I got the rights I deserved.

After I became Admin, I did many changes to this wiki. It was improved a lot. Also, I helped a user because he got an unfair warning. So we became friends. He is an Admin today.

In these months, we just kept editing to help this wiki. Not so many impressive things happened.

I felt quite happy because someone cared my history page, he made his one also.


There are so many good people here.

Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls, my first friend. You are always positive. And nice to others. I usually chat with you. Hope you will be more active.

KernelFodder/MignightHawk, you are one of the best users. You joined the wiki long time ago. You make many good edits and discussions here. You unblocked me from the unfair block to keep my day streak. :P

Hoanganhminh, most edits and ranked 1 user for most of time. To be honest, you were not a good b-crat in 2012. But now, you have improved a lot. You listen other users' opinions and don't say that reason again.

Milesprower2, remember that joke? You got an unfair warning then I removed it. You asked me to be your friend. Then I told you that joke. You are a great Admin now.

PvZBeast234, one of the old users. You make many contributions here and get the rights you deserve. Also you created you own history page!

Swampert rox, The first b-crat. If you didn't come back in Nov, probably this wiki is a dictatorial city now and many good users leave. You saved it and helped me again and again. The Bright of Plants vs. Zombies Wiki.


Today, I am ranked 1 user, with most edits and get my platinum badge without losing one day since I joined this wiki!