I have a new idea. Should we create each Adventure Mode (except X-5 and 5-10) and Co-op Mode (except Co-op Zomboss, almost same as the original one) levels? Please say your opinions, thank you.


  • Don't make Adventure Mode and Adventure Mode/Strategy guide too long.
  • Adventure levels are very special and have many strategies, one page is not enough.
    • We can share our different strategies in these pages instead of all levels' strategies in one page.
  • Also, if we share our photos in one page only, this is too confused.
  • More pages in this wiki.


  • More stub pages for a long time, until many people share their strategies and photos.
  • For Co-op Mode, most of levels are exactly same as the normal one, except you only have 8 seed slots. Little meaningless.


1 for create both.

2 for create Adventure levels only.

3 for create Co-op levels only.

4 for don't create both.

I vote 2.