Baby Starfruit


Credit goes to Istelo20

A imp carried by a seagull with very high health will come and try to grab the starfruit every level. You will lose the level if it is stolen.


italics - Hypothetical names to be reasearched.

Heroes are plants that can be selected, though one and only one must be selected each round. they are each better versions of existing plants that can move around. They can move on top of other plants and can move to places other plants can't (except for any blocked squares i.e. holes in roof, craters in night etc. that are NOT player created.). They can only move where normal plants move, but can move on top of other non-supportive plants, even though they have clouds.

Healing hero (Sunflower Upgrade)

Weird name but this is what I found.

Produces 2 sun every 4 seconds. (About 12 times as fast as the  normal sundflower) Moves slowly. All other abilities unkown.

Monkey King (Peashooter Upgrade)

Shoots 2 peas with a delay of only one second in between each set of peas. Speeds up nearby attacking plants by 2 times. Sometimes will breathe fire when zombies come 1 square in front of it (only 1 nds to each zombie on tile). Once in a blue moon, it will attack a zombie within 1 square with its staff, dealing 5000 nds. Moves quickly. 

Potato Hero (Wall-nut Upgrade)

Weird name but this is what I found.

Has less health than a wall-nut, but can heal (Infi-nut inspiration?). Shoots a small plasma ball from its chest like Monkey King's peas, as it can land criticla hits, though it only shoots as fast as a peashooter.

Roof in china

 No slope!!!! Still Flower Pots though...

Zombies (All)

Peashooter Zombie

Balloon Zombie



Just like roof except the middle row has four of the squares to the right empty (cannot plant on and no zombies)

Red Boy (Boss)

He looks like an imp but has a wand and has health like Dr. zomboss.

Before Red Boy Appears

Similar to last stand (5000 sun starting), except the level starts immediatly and sun producing plants are allowed. Oops. The guy used 10 +500 sun powerups.




Conehead Zombie

No Buckethead Zombie



When not using abilities, he shoots 4 fireballs, which look just like torch wood fireballs, except facing right and dealing .25 bites each.


When nearing a lawnmower, Red Boy will teleport to the end of a another row.


Once in a blue moon, Red boy will shoot a giant fire ball which kills all plants in the row and destroys the lawnmower. It moves as fast as a pea and it is unknown whether it is able to be extinguished with the ice-shroom.