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Plants level up, and you can have manyifferent plants of the same kind. They have a winning animation, though it is a simple up and down left and right eathquake movement.

Plant food is now plant-type specific, and will drop from zombies and one will be gotten every wave, out of a slot machine.



Levels into tall-nut.


Levels into Fume-shroom. Puff-shroom is one of the basic plants.

Puff-shroom does 127 damage at level 1.


Levels into Twin-Sunflower. Sunflower is one of the basic plants. Heals all plants when plant fooded. Sunflower does 161 damage on attack at level 1, shooting sun-pulse like ammo.


Peashooter -> Repeater Peashooter is a basic plant When plant fooded, it will shoot a ton of small peas, killing a single zombie, at level ?-4, it it will shoot a bunch of normal peas, that will kill two normal zombies. At level 1, it will shoot many small peas, but at level ?-4, it will shoot normal ones.

137px-Water Pea

I'm cool

Sno'w Pea -> Water Pea



I pult Popcorn and Popcorn Accessories.

Kernel-pult -> Popcorn-pult


Snapdragon -> Seadragon



When zombies die, they can drop a plant food, AKA a class powerup (each plant has its own type).

Pole Vaulting Zombie

Fires poles that do 27 damage, special attack does 31 damage to all plants.

Football Zombie



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