Some Crazy Plant

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  • I live in the fields were the zombies roam
  • My occupation is school
  • I am somewhat crazy
  • Some Crazy Plant

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    Plants level up, and you can have manyifferent plants of the same kind. They have a winning animation, though it is a simple up and down left and right eathquake movement.

    Plant food is now plant-type specific, and will drop from zombies and one will be gotten every wave, out of a slot machine.

    Levels into tall-nut.

    Levels into Fume-shroom. Puff-shroom is one of the basic plants.

    Puff-shroom does 127 damage at level 1.

    Levels into Twin-Sunflower. Sunflower is one of the basic plants. Heals all plants when plant fooded. Sunflower does 161 damage on attack at level 1, shooting sun-pulse like ammo.

    Peashooter -> Repeater Peashooter is a basic plant When plant fo…

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  • Some Crazy Plant


    A imp carried by a seagull with very high health will come and try to grab the starfruit every level. You will lose the level if it is stolen.

    italics - Hypothetical names to be reasearched.

    Heroes are plants that can be selected, though one and only one must be selected each round. they are each better versions of existing plants that can move around. They can move on top of other plants and can move to places other plants can't (except for any blocked squares i.e. holes in roof, craters in night etc. that are NOT player created.). They can only move where normal plants move, but can move on top of other non-supportive plants, even though they have clouds.

    Weird name but this is what I found.

    Produces 2…

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