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  • Snuffygetlucky

    I found a weird glitch! When i was playing survival endless on GOTY version, at huge wave number 244, there were jack in the box zombies and they were playing pop goes the weasel as normal. However, I killed them with my cobs the moment they appeared. they died but the song kept playing, it didnt stop until it said survival: endless 244 flags completed. however when i started the next round (245-246) it started playing again. if i pause it, it will stop. To fix this i just closed plants vs zombies and reopened it. hope you add this to the Plants vs. Zombies/Glitches page! thanks!

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  • Snuffygetlucky

    Hello guys! I am asking for recommended free easy to use screen recording software for PC that does not have a time limit for recording. What would you recommend? I like using Bandicam now, but it has only 10 min. of recording. You have to spend about 30 dollars for unlimited recording. It is easy to use, but not very useful if recording Last Stand/Survival Mode. Thanks!

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  • Snuffygetlucky

    Please reply

    February 23, 2015 by Snuffygetlucky

    Hello, guys! This is my first blog post. Anyways, I was wondering whether the oldest version of Plants vs. Zombies (2009) is compatible with Windows 8.1. I am pretty sure the GOTY Version is compatible with 8.1, but I don't know for sure. Please reply, it would be really helpful if you could! Thanks!

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