I was playing Vasebreaker Endless for the iOS, and this is my story I think is amazing. In both flags I played I found a garguantar early, but in the second I had a situation that seemed impossible but I actually got out of it! In the third lane I only had a Threepeater and a Backwards-facing Repeater. Then I broke the second vase in that lane(from the right) and it was a GARGUANTAR. It gave me a Backwards Repeater(If it costed something it would be 25 in adventure). I found a Snow Pea elsewhere but also got a Bucket head working on a Wall-nut at the end of a lane with no defences to boot. Then I got a Squash from a vase the Garguantar was about to smash and it SQUASHED THE SQUASH. Lovely. Then there was a normal Zombie, and then a Squash. By now the Imp had been fired and I used the Squash on it. In the next vase there was a BR and I put it where the Buckethead was. I had to use another Wall-nut but I killed him. Then the next vase in the third lane(by now they were almost all gone) had another Squash in it. Three Squashes in one lane? It was still hard. So because he had less than 75 hits keft(obviously) the Squash killed him. A bonus: Later I found a Plantern, I tried to get it next to a lot of vases and the vase I broke had a Jack-In-The-Box Zombie. Really. So I could only light up 2 vases.

Hello, this is Snowttail again. I'm reporting that in the next flag, a similar thing happened. I only had a Snow Pea and a Threepeater in different lanes. I broke a vase in the lane next to the Threepeater, and there was the Garguantar! I killed it using two Squashes, but then I had a lot of Zombies elsewhere! I somehow dealt with them.