i hope you like my awesome tips

tip1. torchwoods get rid of a tiny area of fog, perfect for it's raining seeds.

tip2. the best way to make money is in last stand, when you beat the game, you'll know what i mean.

tip3. use wall nuts on lily pads to stop snorkel zombies.

tip4. the yeti zombie is in the last level of fog.{when you do it the second time.

tip5.the yeti zombie runs away at one point.

tip6.cattails can pop balloons.

tip7.any zombie with a shield can die from catapults.

tip8.the secret to killing dr. zomboss is freeze shrooms. can earn zen garden plants in every game mode.

tip10.screen door zombies will die after they walk on two spikeweeds.

tip11.don't use freeze shrroms,peasooters, and torchwoods together.

tip12.digger zombies die when they hit potato mines. me smash use pole vaulter zombies to jump the garlic.

tip14.three shots can kill an imp.

tip15.threepeaters shoot two peas if there on the top or bottom row.

tip16.survival roof is easier than it looks.