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PvZ Examination

Very Easy Questions

When do Zombie Bobsled Teams come?

What was the most recent major update for the iOS versions?(BEFORE the Last Stand Pack)

Where do Giant PLANTS appear?

Easy Questions

How many plants does each person have in Co-Op mode?

What is the most Garguantars you can have in a round of Vasebreaker?

How many spaces are there in all the Zen Gardens combined?

Middling Questions

What is the name of the Unreleased Track?

Which -agonists are the Homeowner, Crazy Dave and Dr. Zomboss?

How much money does the Yeti Zombie give you?

What is the name of Imitater's hat?

Hard Questions

Which Vasebreaker Level is the most different in setup?

Which levels can be used for the achievements Blind Faith and Nebulaphile?

How are upgrade plant different in Survival:Endless?

Which levels was the unreleased track supposed to play in?

Which I, Zombie levels differ the least in setup?


What key is the unreleased track in?

What key is Watery Graves in?

Where does the music Zen Garden play outside of the Zen Garden?

What is the strongest zombie in Co-op mode?

How does the online Survival:Endless differ from the regular one(not including lack of variety of plants and zombies)

After which flag do Giga-Gargantuars start appearing in Survival:Endless?


Very Easy Questions are 2 points.

Easy Questions are 4 points.

Middling Questions are 10 points.

Hard Questions are 14 points.

VERY HARD QUESTIONS are worth 20 points.

Half correct means divided by two.