• Snowttail
    i hope you like my awesome tips

    tip1. torchwoods get rid of a tiny area of fog, perfect for it's raining seeds.

    tip2. the best way to make money is in last stand, when you beat the game, you'll know what i mean.

    tip3. use wall nuts on lily pads to stop snorkel zombies.

    tip4. the yeti zombie is in the last level of fog.{when you do it the second time.

    tip5.the yeti zombie runs away at one point.

    tip6.cattails can pop balloons.

    tip7.any zombie with a shield can die from catapults.

    tip8.the secret to killing dr. zomboss is freeze shrooms. can earn zen garden plants in every game mode.

    tip10.screen door zombies will die after they walk on two spikeweeds.

    tip11.don't use freeze shrroms,peasooters, and torchwoods together.

    tip12.digger zombies die …

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  • Snowttail

    Note: This exam is not in any way related to CP(U)53' s PvZ Examination©s. Also enter this exam quickly, we can only have 50 people entering!

    The exam starts


    When do Zombie Bobsled Teams come?

    What was the most recent major update for the iOS versions?(BEFORE the Last Stand Pack)

    Where do Giant PLANTS appear?

    How many plants does each person have in Co-Op mode?

    What is the most Garguantars you can have in a round of Vasebreaker?

    How many spaces are there in all the Zen Gardens combined?

    What is the name of the Unreleased Track?

    Which -agonists are the Homeowner, Crazy Dave and Dr. Zomboss?

    How much money does the Yeti Zombie give you?

    What is the name of Imitater's hat?

    Which Vasebreaker Level is the most different in setup?

    Which levels can be used fo…

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  • Snowttail

    PvZ Wiki news

    June 4, 2012 by Snowttail

    Today was pretty quiet. Nothing much new in the blogs(except for this one). But in the CHAT, that was different. Today there was at one time FOUR people in the chat-not impressive for a bigger wiki, but four people was the biggest reached in 2012. No vandals or anything, just another smalledit-removecategory-addtrivia kind of day. Lucky, because the only active admin hasn't been editing very much.

    Regards to wikia,

    +=Snowttail armed with BBUUTTEERR! 20:52, June 4, 2012 (UTC)

    Again, nothing new that many people have seen-apart from the wiki almanac, which was supposed to start today. And Gregory Exploit has a streak of 4 or 5 in days not on the wiki. Vandals stay away.

    Update. This user? Really? to Trash Can? Naw. Also, Thisrelatively new user …

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  • Snowttail

    Well the title says it all:P.Mine is these STUPID GLITCHES stopping me from getting devoted.

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  • Snowttail

    Zombie forms

    May 24, 2012 by Snowttail

    Can anyone show me pictures of

    1)All the types of zombies batting into the house

    2)All the hypnotised zombies

    3) All the zombies with butter

    4)All the zombies at their final appearance

    5) All zombies that are in I, Zombie endless on the screen at once

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