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Plants vs zombies 2 plants that should be premium

In this blog I will list the prices that I think premium plants should have including ones that I think should be premium, sorted in ascending order.

Premiums that are bought by real money (in Australian dollars)

  • Starfruit:$1.29
  • Pea-nut:$1.49
  • Dandelion:$1.69
  • Fire peashooter:$1.79
  • Jalapeno:$1.99
  • Winter melon:$2.19
  • Cherry bomb:$2.39
  • Imitater:$2.99

Premiums that are bought with gems

  • Citron:20 gems
  • Banana launcher:30 gems
  • Hurricale:40 gems
  • Sap-fling:45 gems
  • Homing thisle:45 gems
  • Hypno-shroom:50 gems
  • Lava Guava:55 gems
  • Ghost pepper:60 gems
  • Tile turnip:70 gems (but sun cost increases linearly by 200 sun per planting starting at 0 sun)

I would not want any price changes, besides tile turnip price change, to affect any other statistic of the plant (including sun cost).

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