Hello, Recently I started making some custom seed packets for regular plants, fanon plants, and even artwork of regular plants seeing how they fit into the packet. so far the results (atleast in my opinion) are pretty good. So then I started thinking "I bet other people would like some seed packets for whatever reasons, maybe I can start a request thingy" so here I am.

ANYWAY lets get to it. First, rules!

Tell me what plant you want in the packet. (If the plant is fanon/Uses special artwork please supply the picture/link to the page yourself.

What world background if any. (If fanon world please supply the packet)

The sun cost of said plant. (Not recommended to exceed 4 digits)

To file a request just comment on this blog post. ASK NICELY! Example: "Hello I would like a seed packet with a peashooter (Fanon Link if any) with the default background and for 100 sun." Or atleast something along those lines When I finish said packet I will update the blog post with the packet.

Examples: DISCLAIMER Custom/Fanon Artwork used in example packets are not by me.

Phew! Now that everything is out of the way. Requests are currently OPEN!

List of finished packets.

Ice Weasel and Zombie Chicken Packets requested by AndreeLikesplantsvszombies. You didn't specify a sun cost so I put some in with what I think their prices would be if they were in IZombie.