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  • Snarkel

    This is a small project aimed at making OP plants a little bit more balanced and making crappy plants a bit more usable, along with a few other small changes of course. Please, feel free to drop some suggestions! I'll be sure to look at them =D.

    CAUTION: Be safe with PvZ2 modding in general. Back up your pp.dat file before attempting anything, if the OBB crashes, try re-installing it, if you wish to get PvZ2 back to normal, delete the OBB and run the app and it will retrieve a fresh OBB.

    OBB Download:

    No Marigold version:

    current version: 5.1.1

    -Plant Patches

    Twin Sunflower sun cost reduc…

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  • Snarkel

    I am using this blog to shamelessly ask for help on obtaining the unused costumes. If I were to supply my pp.dat would someone be able to put the costumes in it or does someone happen to have a magento.json containing the costumes? Anything would be appreciated.

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  • Snarkel

    (I really hope these posts aren't annoying) Tired of playing endless zones...endlessly? I'm a tad bored with them. So I put together a new challenge, The World Tour! Here is the gist.

    Go through every world starting at Ancient Egypt Using only plants from that world. But there are a few exceptions and extras...

    First, Seasonal plants...they weren't introduced in specific worlds but for holidays, therefor seasonal premiums are wildcards (allowed in every world)

    Secondly, players house plants are also allowed in every world. (This also includes Marigold if you have her)

    thirdly, World Bonuses! some worlds have a few special exceptions. Snapdragon, Fire peashooter, Toadstool, and Spore-shroom are allowed in dark ages as well are their respective …

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  • Snarkel

    Hello everyone! another annoying blog post by snarkel. This time I am trying to create the scrapped plants but only by using assets from other plants. So far I have made the scrapped dark ages shrooms, but its a start. Anyway here they are!

    (Sorry! The parts are a tad blurry.)

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  • Snarkel

    Hello, Recently I started making some custom seed packets for regular plants, fanon plants, and even artwork of regular plants seeing how they fit into the packet. so far the results (atleast in my opinion) are pretty good. So then I started thinking "I bet other people would like some seed packets for whatever reasons, maybe I can start a request thingy" so here I am.

    ANYWAY lets get to it. First, rules!

    Tell me what plant you want in the packet. (If the plant is fanon/Uses special artwork please supply the picture/link to the page yourself.

    What world background if any. (If fanon world please supply the packet)

    The sun cost of said plant. (Not recommended to exceed 4 digits)

    To file a request just comment on this blog post. ASK NICELY! Exampl…

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