I have an idea for the next PVZ2 world- THE AGE OF THE INTERNET!

In the 1990s, The world is using the internet... Now, the zombies are here with advances in technology and preparing to eat your brains! The gimmick is that when lightening strikes the computer hext to the lawn, 5 viruses spawn. Viruses are blurry zombie spiders which kil plants. 1 virus can only kill one plan before it dissapears. A max of 5 viruses can spawn at a time.

Rated 4 jalapeños by EASRB

Webpage #1

Welcome to the age of digital revolution! +19 new items!

Webpage #1 has 3 new plants, 9 new zombies and 16 levels!


1. You-tuber

Obtained on day 1

Shows zombies funny videos which make them laugh to death.

Range: Same as fumeshroom

Damage: 2 (same as repeater)

Recharge: Fast

Sun cost: 125

2. Firwall

Obtained on day 5


It is a defensive plant. It is a wall of mini fir trees with torchwood heads . The viruses target this first. Any virus that touches it dies. After killing one virus, the fire extinguishes and it is vulnerable to virus attack.

Health: Same as endurian

Recharge: Slow

Sun cost: 100

3. Instagrape

Ontained on day 10

Explodes into cute pictures which make zombies slower.

Area: Full lawn

Recharge: Slow

Sun cost: 75

  • Premium


Slams itself onto the face of the zombie, killing it and slowing zombies in 3*3 area with its blueberry juice. Does 60 damage when slamming.

Recharge: moderate

Sun cost: 100

Cost: $1.99


1. User zombie

2. User conehead

3. User buckethead

4. User flag zombie

5. Bug Imp

6. Glitch Gargantuar

7. Hacker zombie

Steals 100 sun from your counter every 20 seconds! Steals only 50 if there is a firwall in the lane. Walks at normal speed.

8. Firewall zombie

Protects self and the zombies behind. The firewall burns the plants it touches.

Firewall absorbs 50 hits

Speed: creeper when firewall is not broken. Normal once its gone.

9. Pop-up ad zombie

Spawns a pop-up ad every 5 seconds. The ads obstruct the view and can be closed with a button. The ads can be tapped which can lead to loss of sun. 25 sun/ad