aka Snappiest dragon in the history of time!

  • I live in Frostbite Caves
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is Ice Wizard
  • I am Male
  • SnappyDragon

    Reptile Plants

    February 22, 2017 by SnappyDragon
    • 3 damage, 3 health.
    • Traits: None
    • Ability: When this attacks: add a Dino Roar Grass Egg into your hand. (max in hand: 2)
    • Dino Roar Egg: 1 sun, 0/1, spawns a new dino roar grass after a turn. (Team-Up)
    • Premium - Rare

    • 4 damage, 2 health.
    • Traits: Splash Damage 3
    • Ability: freeze zombie on attack, attacks here and next door
    • Premium - Legendary
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  • SnappyDragon


    November 21, 2016 by SnappyDragon

    I will be inactive from November 24th to December 9 or December 10 due to exams. I can't be online at all... I need a better score than last time. I remember watching steven universe in the morning before exams and stuff... I scored 75% last time. (Yeah, Exact.)

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  • SnappyDragon
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  • SnappyDragon

    Breakfast Squad

    September 10, 2016 by SnappyDragon
    Hello. This is BreakfastBot 1.0, I am here to notify that the Breakfast Squad is now recruiting members and protect the world from evil!

    Welcome to the Breakfast Squad HQ. You can apply to become a member here. Once you are a member, you will be rewarded with a badge.

    • Wafflame: Burns the enemies with the power of hot WAFFLES!
    • Javarrior: Attacks the evil with the hyperactivity of COFFEE!
    • Toaster-tron 3000: Shoots burning TOASTED BREAD at enemies!
    • Bacon-bot: Launches BACON bombs at enemies to explode them into deliciousness!
    • Miltank: This woman ain't your ordinary dairy farmer, She can become the next reason why the villains landed up in the emergency room due to lactose allergy from MILK!
    • Panquake: Make tasty tremors with thumping PANCAKES!
    • Cereal …

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  • SnappyDragon
    • builds a time turner*
    • goes back in time and warns my past self to not tell pink that he is underaged*
    • rewinds to a fixed january 23 when I was not banned and finally am not underaged*
    • Alternate Universe Blog created*

    AU: Where snappy didn't reveal his age - 23/01/2016

    So guys... I've kept this secret for 11 months since joining Wikia, but I'M FINALLY 13! It feels so good to not worry about being banned for being underaged! #UnderageSquad

    //React as if I was never banned and made this post on my birthday. 

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