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World Idea

So I was thinking one day of ideas of some worlds, and I have some in mind, a Reniassance/Enlightment era, I think it was the 50's, but you know, gangs and things, a farm world, etc.

Note: This was made about a year ago. If any ideas are stolen. I didn't know, okay?


The new mechanic would be certain tiles, with a push of a button, will flip and have another tile to plant on. For example, you can place a Potato Mine in the back, and push the button, place Winter Melons on the other side, and a zombie gets too close, you can switch the tiles and the zombie will die from a Potato Mine! 


  • Renaissance Zombie: Regular number-crunching zombie. Almanac: Renaissance Zombie always has a new thoery. One time he thought there was a scientific principle that alowed objects to float in the air. The result? He became a millionaire. It was only proven false 56 years in advance.
  • Renaissance Conehead Zombie: His theoretically comfortable cone makes him twice as tough. Almanac: Always stumbling on errors, Renaissance Conehead Zombie is a certifyed "Corrector of National Theorems", or CNT, and has been cracking proves, opinions, and hypothesises for years. Notible ones include the Brain Rush of 1345, 2 + 2 = Brains, and his personal favorite, "Why plants are doing the right thing".
  • Renaissance Buckethead Zombie: His algebraically stupendous bucket provides great protection from damage. Almanac: Renaissance Buckethead Zombie only believes in one theory, which is the theory that brains are brains, zombies are zombies, and plants are ruthless monsters.
  • Scholar Imp: Flew past defences, then prances onward. Can fly over plants using PHYSICS!!! Almanac: Scholar Imp can't believe gluing experimental wings would enable him to fly. But hey, physics are physics.
  • Noble Gargantuar: Mega zombie who can "break the laws of physics". Almanac: Gargantuan law #1: Plants will stay in place unless a zombie force is acting upon it. Gargantuan law #2: Plants move based on the 2 things, zombie eating force or a destructing force. Gargantuan law #3: For every plant, there is a opposite zombie, most were smashed by Gargantuar. 
  • Issac Newton Zombie: makes all zombies go down or up a row (similar to the Pianist Zombie and the zombie itself doesn't change rows.) 21 health. Almanac: After countless years perfecting the formula for gravity and having the ability to move people up or down, he know realizes he could make them move left or right. With a disgusted face palm to the head, it's back to square one and many years of research.
  • Galileo Zombie: Stands in one spot and makes zombies behind him go in front of him using revolution, 21 health. Almanac: Everyone now agrees that the sun is the center and not Earth, but now everyone asks him if the sun revolves around anything. He states "Who knows. The whole solar system could revolve around one huge body, or the sun just goes in a random circle. It's anyone's bet now, and we don't have the smarts to see that far." Such an inspirational fellow.
  • Locke and Hobbes Zombies: changes rows and bumps into each other to destroy plants, 25 health each, when one is gone, it has different side effects, if Locke is left, all zombies get 50% speed bonus, no more than that, so don't worry if more Lockes are left, and if Hobbes is left, all zombies get 50% more defence. Almanac: At the end of the day, both are actually close pals. They just hate each other in public for the popularity. Also, both of their ideas are strongly flawed.
  • Painter Zombie: Paints either a button that can switch the certain tiles, a bucket for only the basic zombie, or another specific tile. 21 health. Almanac: Painter Zombie takes time to create his masterpieces, decides what to use, determines what to create, and finally puts thought in the work. Though in the end, he just scribbles and calls it art. Just last month he sold a picture of a circle for $65. It may not seem much, but inflation has it's ways.
  • Sculptor Zombie: Sculps armor for itself, health armor is 50, armor is metal, so Magnet-shroom is useful other than the bucket head. Almanac: Sculptor Zombie proclaims he made all of the famous statues such as David and The Thinker. No one believes him though, so now he just makes armor. Plus, he doesn't share his armor. What a hogger.

Music: Things like Harps, Harpsicord, kinda like Dark Ages. 

Brain Buster

This will be a mode where there will be buttons for the zombies to press which change the tiles, like the Painter Zombie's button. The first one will have only the basic, bucket, cone, imp, painter, and sculptor. The second will have the basic, its variants, and the other zombies except the Gargantuar, and the third one has all of the zombies, including the Gargantuar, who can destroy the buttons, also, the third one will have the whole lawn filled with the flippable tiles, so you want your button to your advantage.


A possible mechanic would be that random trash is thrown from the background and will make the plant that was hit will be gone, also, if a plant is lost, it counts as a lost plant, to prevent that, you need an Umbrella Leaf, which would return in this world.


  • Street Zombie: Regular street roaming zombie. Almanac: Street Zombie, with its rugged clothes and slick hair, always hits the shindig wherever it is. There he attempts to lure in a fellow zombie with his charm and grace. However, that doesn't always go to plan...
  • Street Conehead: His scratched off cone makes him twice as tough. Almanac: Found at constructing zone, Street Conehead strides down the streets in "style". That cone of his "gurantees", the affection for others. However, what Street Conehead fails to realize is that the cone he's wearing was sitting in pile of, well, #2. 
  • Street Buckethead: His top-notch bucket provides great protection from damage. Almanac: Strolling down the street with his lucky bucket on his head, Street Buckethead wanders into an alley to witness what he couldn't unsee. What did he see? A bunch of plants in the Bucket Hood. "Only things with buckets on their heads are allowed in Bucket Hood!" That's the first rule of the Bucket Hood. The others aren't so meaningful though.
  • Gangantuar: The big, big boss of the hoods. Almanac: Being the leader and headmaster of the hood groups, Gangantuar tries to keep a leisurely and managed separation between the hoods. However, there are always the converts. Gangantuar can't stand those guys. Now he has a complete system of borders and a lengthy process of converting. It's more complicated, but it sure is less work for the Gangantuar.
  • Vandal Imp: Pilfers past defences, then shuffles onwards. Special: Steals a plant. Once defeated, it's dropped onto that tile. However if the tile is occupied, nothing will drop. Almanac: Vandal Imp has done it all. Stealing, spray paint, awkward noises, the list goes on. Every little prank he has done caused the clans of the streets into an eternal war. Vandal Imp is on no side, other than his side. The best side. Well, according to him.
  • Poor Zombie: Health increases with each donation, 5 health, and every donation gives him 10 health and makes him look richer. max health is 125. Almanac: Living as a pauper, Poor Zombie's life couldn't get any worse. His meals are small morsels, people on the streets just glance and walk away from his hideous display. For just 5 Zombucks a day, you, can save Poor Zombie, today.
  • Roller Blade Zombie: Fast zombie that can switch lanes with another zombie, for example, a bucket head will go where he was and he will go where the bucket head was, 15 health. Almanac: Roller Blade Zombie is actually new to roller blading. Recently taking up lessons, she never got the hang of it. After days of neglegence, she finally strived to learn. Sooner or later, she did. And she couldn't of done it without a set of training wheels!
  • Goth Zombie: Goes Leroy Jenkins, doesn't eat plants, 10 health. Almanac: Don't call him emo, it triggers him.
  • Garbage Zombie: Fat zombie that throws trash, 50 health, Umbrella Leaf is useful here. Almanac: Eating, throwing, sleeping, repeating. This is the motto of Garbage Zombie. Not a very good one, but it's something.
  • Stereo Zombie: Vunerable only when eating a plant, 15 health, Magnet-shroom is useful here, also defensive plants. Almanac: Stereo Zombie's stereo is actually broken. It won't play any of its sick jams. Scratch that, it only plays "Zombie See, Zombie Do". Gets irratating after a while. Even Boombox Zombie has only one song on its boombox, but at least it's good.

Music: Either Rock'n'roll or Jazz, with rock, trash can, and other various sounds like that.

Brain Buster


Farm World

A possible mechanic is that there are seeds that fall randomly, and after some time, they grow a new plant.

Pros: more offence, better setup

Con: can't pick, no sun shovel bonus, levels with can't place more than x plants will be a hassle, and levels with don't lose more than x plants can be tricky depending on where they're placed.


  • Regular, Conehead, Buckethead, Gargantuar, and Horse Imp
  • Banjo Zombie: Will play a song on his banjo to make all zombies go faster, 21 health
  • Seed Cropper Zombie: throws seeds that can spawn Zombies, except Garg, 21 health
  • Scarecrow Zombie: every time it's damaged, a crow will attack a plant right in front of it, 15 health, Zombie Crow, 5 health.
  • Tractor Zombie: rides a heavy machine and pushes plants up or down its column, or from the zombie's view, to its left or right, 90 health. Can be stopped by Spikeweed/Spikerock.
  • Hay Roller Zombie: rolls hay that can smash plants, Spikeweed/Spikerock cannot break it, 10 health, 45 health for the hay.

Music: Like Wild West. 

Brain Buster

You get limited number of plants each wave and need to strategize, and you can see the zombies like in Not O.K Corral, and which row they will be in. every 3 turns, the plants dissapear. You also get a set of Plant Food, but use them wisely. In the 3rd one however, you get seeds instead of plants, the seeds grow plants, so it's unpredictable what plant you get, you can dig it up but the seed will always be the same no matter where you put it, also, all 3 levels have seeds falling down, 1st has tons, 2nd has some, 3rd has some, not few, or that would be cheap.

Hot World

I can't think of a time period, but the main gimmick is just like Heat Wave in the DS version in the original, but instead of a mic to cool the plants, you get a watering can, when they're watered, they fire 2x faster. The Zombies are also affected, and burn if they're in the sun too long. There are palm trees that provide shade for both Plants and Zombies.


  • Regular, Conehead, Buckethead, Gargantuar, and Desert Cap Imp.
  • Heat Blocker Zombie: Immune to the heat, also, immune to heat damage, so Snapdragon is useless and peas through Torchwood will do regular pea damage to him, 10 health.
  • Wind God Zombie: Rides a cloud that is as fast as a Jetpack Zombie that summons wind to cool only zombies, 20 health. Blover is affective.
  • Cloud Zombie: Summons a cloud in a 3x3 radius above him to protect zombies from heat, works on plants too, 15 health.
  • Heat Seeker Zombie: Holds a cane that he will shoot at points to automatically turn a plant to a heated plant, even if they're in the shade (this is the wizard of this world, many will be overwelming), 15 health.
  • Heated Zombie: A zombie with lots of health but gets heated easily, 150 health.

Music: Like Ancient Egypt. 

Brain Buster


World War

The main gimmick would be that there are bombs that come out at certain times and special craters that specific plants can attack. The craters can be a circle or line. Ambush is Parachutes!


  • Regular, Conehead, Buckethead, Gargantuar, and Soldier Imp
  • Gunman Zombie: Shoots bullets that can damage plants, 10 health
  • Tank Zombie: Rolls across the lawn, fires a missle randomly to kill any plant, kills any zombies in craters, can be stopped by Spikeweed/Spikerock, but takes a whole Spikerock to completely drain it's health. 150 health.
  • Helicopter Zombie: Drops Private Zombies onto the lawn, no health.
  • Private Zombie: Like a Bungee Zombie, or a basic zombie by an ambush, stays there until dead. 21 health like bungee, 10 health by ambush. when in bungee, you can use Blover.
  • Crater Zombie: Like Gunman, but only appears in craters, 10 health.
  • Rocket Launcher Zombie: Takes a while to shoot, but destroys a 3x3 area, has unlimited ammo. 21 health.

Music: War Music

Brain Buster


Roman Empire

The gimmick for this world is medals. The better a plant does, the more of what it does it will do. However, the zombies get stronger every tile. ,A medal will spawn around them to indicate it. Bronze is 1.5x boost, silver is 1.7x boost, gold is 2.0x boost, and platnium (zombies only), does a 2.5x boost


Gladiator Zombie: Regular fight-savvy zombie. Almanac: Gladiator Zombie hates sandals. He thinks they are dirty, let cold winds touch his feet, are fashionably last year, and provide an Achilles Heel weakpoint that costs his every collisium match.

Gladiator Conehead: His worn-out dusty cone makes him twice as tough. Almanac: Gladiator Conehead was just an ordinary gladiator until he found a cone on the ground. He decided to wear it and boom! He was different. He claimed it made him have "character", "uniqueness", and "charm". Others have doned the cone before, but between us, he doesn't know, he thinks they're jealous.

Gladiator Buckethead: His battle-ready bucket provides great protection from damage. Almanac: The bucket was a weird choice to go into battle with, but in the end, it prevailed, but not until everyone else had a bucket. He felt that there was no purpose for the bucket, everyone had it now. Be he still gets through the day, knowing that he's the original.

Toga Imp: Cruises past most plants, then togas onward. Almanac: Toga Imp likes togas. Them make him feel free, enlightened, fresh off his feet, or maybe it's that fact he doesn't wear any trousers.

Warrior Gargantuar: Oversized zombie that makes challengers coward in fear. Almanac: Roman fact #36: Warrior Gargantuar destroyed more than half the gladiator participants, forcing him to become a guard. Roman fact #37: Warrior Gargantuar destroyed more than half of the Roman emperors.

Pole-vault Zombie: Jumps over a plant. Same health as original. Almanac: Pole-vault Zombie was ready to compete in the triatholon, until he realized it was the Greeks who had it.

Javelin Zombie: Throughs a javein at any tile in the row to kill any plant. Cannot use javelin until picked up (if applicable). 21 health. Almanac: Everyone knows Javelin Zombie carries a spear and not a javelin, but the days Javelin Zombie had a the National Javelin Champions League really stuck on him. It's his philosophy now, and the others philosophy is he's stupid.

Zombie Emperor: Lays on a throne that only moves with 4 zombies help. Each zombie dead slows him down. Slave fanning will deflect ant lobbed shots.10 health (50 if you count the 4 zombies). Almanac: Zombie Emperor was an inspiration for the Zombie King. However, he's way more lazier. He has a slave fan him while feeding him grapes, he has his subjects carry his throne to get all but a morsol of plants, he was "The Lazy Emperor", according to historians. Yep, sure is a lazy fellow.

Chariot Zombie: Rides a chariot with 2 horses. Lobbed shots will kill him faster, but will leave the horses. 21 health (each horse and the zombie itself has an individual health of 21.)  Almanac: Each of the Chariot Zombie's horses are selected by him. He likes them young, but not too young, yet old, yet not too old. Though the real choices are the bravest ones, the fastest ones, the agile ones. But mostly the ones who aren't infected with the Black Plague

Hammer-throw Zombie: Starts to throw the heavy ball on the 3rd tile, and if enough time is given, will throw it to any plant on screen in front of him. Can only be used once. 21 health. Almanac: Hammer-throw Zombie is actually a ballerina. Dude kills it in the Martiarch Ballerina Training Institution. Last week he did a 720 degree pirouette across a balance beam while blindfolded in succession over a 5 foot drop. No one can stop his signature move, The Typhoon. 

Shielded Zombie: Has a shield which will negate forward shots, then the next tile will negate lobbed shots, and vice versa. 45 health Almanac: Who thought having a shield would make him undefeatable in the collisium? It's true. 386-0 was his record. WAS his record. A challenger finally found out his pattern, which was as simple as putting his shield up & down.


Carrot Missile: Launches a Missile at a tile at your choice, no cooldown. Each carrot does 21 damage 200 sun, recharge, sluggish. Plant food, launches 3 missiles at the tiles with the most zombies, or with the most health.

Music Beet: attacks with music notes which split into 2 for every hit, 125 sun, recharge, fast. Plant food, like Starfruit, but swirls and the notes split too. 

Music Beet (alternative): attacks in tempo. 125 sun, recharge, fast. Plant food: lawn becomes a musical staff and displays the notes on the lawn to attack zombies. Lasts for 15 seconds

Stemroller: acts like a lawnmower when a zombie is too close, if the zombie is killed and the Stemroller is about to roll, it won't, 50 sun, recharge, very slow. Plant food, like a Jalapeno, but it unfolds and its stem body crushes the row.

Stair Root: Stalls zombies, depending on the stairs it has, first 3, then 4, then 5. 175 sun, recharge, sluggish. Plant food, it grows 10 stairs. (depending on the amount of stairs, that's how many rolling objects/smashes it can take, if this happens, it will lose a stair, which means zombies will come in faster.)

Candy Launcher: eats a zombie like a Chomper, but after a while, it spits out the zombie, killing all zombies in the row with 50 health or less, but if there's a zombie with more than 50 health, the zombie will stop. Can't eat machines, takes up 2 tiles. 250 sun, recharge, sluggish. Plant food, eats all the zombies in the row, then spits them like rain, they all die, so no need to worry if they are launched to a row more to the left.

Windy Leaf: Blows wind to a 3x3 area of plants to get rid of their heat, 50 sun, recharge, mediocre. (hot world exclusive)

Shrout: Stuns a whole row. 100 sun, recharge, slow.

Tumber Wood: Takes as much bites as an Infi-nut, but ends up timbering down to destroy every zombie in the tile in front of it. Doesn't work if destroyed like a Gargantuar smash. 150 sun. Plant food: Extra armor and becomes taller, so when it dies it has a 2 tile range.

Support Plants

Support Plants are plants right before the lawnmowers than can help. Only one specific Plant can be chosen. Also, there is no seed packet for these, and some have a recharge. You can move certain support Plants to other rows. Plant food doesn't work on these, as this would be another chance to survive, which is way too many, Lawnmower, Support Plant, No Plant food.

Helicopter: moves a plant to any space, so if you accidently misplace a plant with a long reload, and don't want to use plant food to get it back, this is the plant. Does not work on instants, 50 sun, recharge, sluggish

Space Petal: A flower which shoots lasers which deal 5 damage to each to zombies and has a 15 ammo petal count, 200 sun, recharge, mediocre. Ammo recharge is the slow recharge.

Popcorn: acts like in PVZA, a Potato Mine like plant, 100 sun, recharge, sluggish. Recharges, but each recharge will take longer.

Magical Veggie. Gives Plants positive, random effects and can summon only one Plant fooded Wallnut in the 2nd column to the left for assist on a row without a lawnmower, 300 sun, recharge, slow. Plant fooded Wall-nut can only be placed on the first planting.


This world would not be in the game, as it's not a time period, but a drawn world in a notebook. All plants are drawn like with a pencil, only colors are black and white, this applies also to the zombies. The gimmick of this world is that random features will appear by a mysterious being with a pencil, like a hill that acts like the roof from the first game, or tombstones, and even minecarts!


Sketch Zombie: Regular poorly doodled zombie. Almanac: Sketch Zombie is a firm believer in the realisic theorem. He believes that there is another world out there, one with more detail, more precision, more realistic, and not a world where everyone is a two-dimentional being.

Conehead Sketch Zombie: His thick drawn cone makes him twice as tough. Almanac: The cone was actually hand drawn by Conehead Sketch Zombie. It took several rough drafts, determination, drawn sweat, and a compass. But in the end, it turned out bad. He just bought one instead.

Buckethead Sketch Zombie: His amazingly sketched bucket provides great protection from damage. Almanac: Buckethead Sketch Zombie never knew he had a bucket on his head. He still doesn't know. Someone drew it on in his sleep as a prank. Everyone laughs at him now, but takes it as a compliment.

Origami Imp: Flicked past most plants, then unfolds onward. Almanac: Recently took up origami, Origami Imp can't get enough of folding paper to make swans, or frogs, or anything. Too bad he crumples the whole world each time he does so. Paper isn't cheap in paper world.

Pencil Gargantuar: Gigantic zombie that doesn't believe in a "draw" (special: can smash the plants in back of it). Almanac: Pencil Gargantuar still has yet to know what the pink thing on the back of the pencil does. 

Paper Folder Zombie: Can fold himself to a 2d version that can't be hurt, does this every other tile, 10 health. Almanac: Paper Folder Zombie has got some talent, being able to form himself into something else so easily. Other zombies tried to do it, it ended horribly. He's just one of a kind.

Airplane Zombie: A zombie that is a paper airplane that has a flighty speed, only occurs in the ambush Plane Attack! Same health as Zombie Chicken. Almanac: Airplane Zombie flies around the world fast, defenseless, and without all those expensive ticket prices.

Paper Roller Zombie: Every tile, it rools to another lane. 21 health. Almanac: Everyone admits, his rolling skills are unique. But they all wonder why he doesn't roll horizontally.

Crumpled Zombie: A big zombie that every time he gets hit, a piece of paper falls and gives armor to any zombie that passes it (only basic and it's variants.) 50 health (also, the body of this zombie is a crumpled piece of paper). Almanac: Crumpled Zombie has been hitting the gym recently. His favorite is lifting a pencil with a different eraser weight. Soon, he believes he will be a Gargantuar. Dream on buddy, dream on.

Fortune Zombie: A paper fortune teller that gives out a bad side effect 3/4 times, and a good one 1/4 times. Bad is increased zombie speed 50%, zombie defence by 50%, and plants fire 50% slower, the good are plants attack is raised by 50% or 50% faster rate of fire (all effects on plants are temporary) 15 health. Almanac: Fortune Teller Zombie only has 4 select fortunes all rigged by him, and most of them are bad. Doctors say 3/4 people will be heartbroken after a fortune read.

Music: IDK

Brain Buster


Special Plant: Pencil Plant: Launches a pencil that will take care of most zombies to the right of the pencil in the row (only one who will survive is a Gargantuar), and has a reload, 30 secs to be exact. Plant Food: Launches his pencil in front of him in a 3x3 area, taking care of 3 rows! Even the Gargantuar! 400 sun, recharge, sluggish. (Note, this kinda outshadows Jalapeno, but its sun cost is 400!)

And That's it! Comment what you think!