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April 20, 2014
  • I live in That shall remain undisclosed.
  • My occupation is I don't have one, I'm a dragon.
  • I am Obviously male.
  • Snapdragon717

    Welp it's official. I've contributed here one year in a row I would've done so earlier but I missed a day when I was around 100 or something So uh.. yeah.. that's it Well at least I'm not stressed now to edit every day. Also I thought the badge was 1000 sun, but it was only 250. :(

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  • Snapdragon717

    Well with the upcoming Modern Day levels, they look interesting, but also unbalanced (some of them). So here I am, giving some of my ideas.

    Also keep in mind these levels get harder as they progress, and some levels are more gimmicky than others.

    • Work in Progress: This idea is in progress, meaning there are many elements missing, or the wave chart is unfinished.
    • Plant Food/Position Working: The wave chart is complete, but the zombie spawns and plant food spawns will be coming soon.

    Anything else is completely done (Unless I find a mistake).

    Regular Level.

    Gimmicks: Power Tiles on C2R2, C2R4; Another set on C4R1, C4R3, C4R5.


    Plants: Choice

    Zombies: Summoned:

    |zombie2 = 2 4 |zombie3 = 2 4 |zombie4 = 1 5 |ambush4 = C6R1 C6R2 C6R3 C6R4 C6R5 C7R1 C7R2 C…

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  • Snapdragon717

    My Birthday

    August 26, 2016 by Snapdragon717

    Title's pretty self explanatory. It's my birthday today! Usually I'd put something witty in strikethrough but eh...

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  • Snapdragon717

    NOTE: I used a mechanical pencil and have no colored pencils. Shading looks awkward, but eh, you get the point.

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  • Snapdragon717


    This is PvZ Wiki Bingo!

    Essentially, in the comments, write which boxes that correspond to you. For example, one box is, "Has played PvZA". If you have played that, you mark it. 

    READ THIS: Read the boxes from top left to bottom right, so top left is 1, and top right is 5, etc. This is how you mark the boxes, and what you write in the comments.

    Here it is! Good luck!

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