Hey everyone! You see... I've been theoricly designing a world for Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. Lets say... "The 8th World: World War Era." I'll soon make a Youtube video on it but I need more ideas. That's why I'm consulting you now. I'll add you all to the credits for positive contribution. Well, I listed my ideas below and I urge you to comment on and improvemy idea, adding your own ones too. Please don't go off-topic though and please don't rage over anything. I tried to be as brief as possible to prevent a boring explanation.

This World takes place on the first half of 20th century, between WWI and WWII. So the concept is like primitive modern warfare and a mixture between two wars' concepts:

First, It'll be a dark world, a second dark world  after Dark Ages where sun doesn't fall.

The Plants:

Scaready shroom: low cost, great range; hide when zombies are near

Gatling Pea: Either 4 peas or a higher pea rate, possibly continueus.

Umbrella leaf: Blocks Bombs, grenades and para-imps

Doom Shroom: B00M, leaves a crater.

Gloom Shroom: Poisinous gas hurts plant food: huge poison fog around.

Pumpkin: Extra Protection; plant food-metal armored pumpkin

Cob Cannon: (Premium), like the first game but requires 1 block, like an better advanced version of banana launcher but with longer reload.

Grapefruit Pult: acid (like afterburn) and lobbed shots shots have short range-range of 1x3, can hit zeppelins.

World War Zombies

Some zombies I designed :P


(Zombie photos are only there to give some concept, of course imagine them as World War Era PvZ Zombies)

Zombies: Regular Zombie, Cone Zombie, Bucket zombie and Flag zombie as normal

Para-imp: Imps with pilot outfit that can land with parachutes on suprise attacks of this world.

Commander Gargantuar: This world's gargantuar.

Tank Zombie: Rides a tank, stops and shoots, repeats, slow and good armor, disabled by E.M.Peach.

Artilary Zombie: like the basketball zombie from the first game, disabled by E.M.Peach. 

Bomber Zombie: Rides a Zeppelin, flies over your defences, dropping hurting bomb shels at them, can only damaged by lobbed plants, blover and hurricale.

Rifle Zombie: like normal zombie- walks some, stops aims and shoots, uses WWI rifles.

Grenade Zombie: Throws grenades at defences, with hurting area effects.

Medic Zombie: Heals Others.

Kamikaze imp: Para imp, riding a small plane towards your defences.

Ambush attack: Sudden Para-Imp barrage like FF

Well, since putting some clipart to give you the concept wasn't very productive, here, I tried to design some of my imaginations of the zombies. I made them on powerpoint 2013 solely, in a limited time so I apogalize for the quality :P I'll add more when I have time

Also, here is my original source of inspiration, so you can also consider these ideas too:

"I've come up with many ideas about world war!

Rifle zombie: shoot plants

Motar zombie: stay behind and fire motar, like catapult zombie from pvz1

Minesweeper zombie: disable potato mine, spikeweed, spikerock, etc

Medic zombie: heal nearby zombies

Kamekaze zombie: run into plants and explode

zombie Tank: robo-cone+rifle+motar

the ambush attack would be "paratrooper" or "airstrike"

Also we have plants like:

Umbrella leaf: block motar shells, airstrike

Doom shroom: KABOOM!

Cob motar: like cob cannon from pvz1, but only occupy one space

Barbered vine: spikeweed+slow effect

Toxic peashooter: peashooter+poison effect"

Thank you for reading!