Half of the stuff in here are from IMCR8Z, so i credit him. Now i will share my ideas for Time Twister!


The same as the present day, with everything from the past worlds, and other things! Power Tiles, AE Tombstones, DA Tombstones, world minecarts with special abilities, and...THE POOL! AND LOTS OF SUPRISE ATTACKS!

Suprise Attacks

  • SANDSTORM! - Same, but now every zombies from every time peroid can utilize in sandstorms...even Gargantuars!
  • RAIDING PARTY! - Same, except, sometimes, one raiding rope can be held by up to 3 Swashbuckler Zombies!
  • BOT SWARM! - Same, except now every type of machine zombies can fall out of the sky instead of only Bug Bot Imps!
  • NECROMANCY! - Same.
  • AQUATIC NECROMANCY! ​- Ducky Tube Zombies (and their headwear variants) rise from the water!
  • WHICH CAME FIRST?! - Eggs fall from the sky to reveal Zombie Chickens!
  • AIR STRIKE! - All kinds of flying zombies will attack, falling from the sky and flying ahead!
  • BUNGEES INCOMING! - Up to 5 Bungee Zombies rise from the sky and steal the plants.
  • BULL RAMPAGE! - A column of Zombie Bulls come.
  • DEMOLITION! - A part of the unfinished Zombot Temporal-tron Mk. 1 will fall from the sky, killing plants in a 5x5 area, then Zomboss comes in, flies with a Jetpack and picks up the fallen part...forehadowing the battle!
  • YOU SHALL NOT PLANT! - 2 columns of Wizard Zombies come.
  • THEIVES! - 5 Bungee Zombies fall from the sky to steal 3 plants, then a wave of Ra Zombies come!
  • TOMBSTONE PARTY! - A wave of Tomb Raiser Zombies come.
  • THE GREAT CHICKENING! - 3 columns of Chicken Wrangler Zombies come!

Surprise Events

Surprise Events are like Surprise Attacks, except some of them are good, and some are bad.

  • BOMB STORM! - Several sun bombs fall from the sky.
  • TOMBSTONES DANGER! - Lots of tombstones rise from the grounds at random spots.
  • POTION LEAK! - Dark Ages potions fall from the sky.
  • INTENSE HEAT! - Twice as much sun falls from the sky, but all plants are slowed down because of the heats. (Last 30 seconds)
  • PLANT FOOD PARTY! - Several green plasmaballs falls from the sky to blasts 10 random zombies, turning them to Plant Food-carrying zombies.