• Shroomy05

    PvZ2 Time Twister Ideas

    August 16, 2014 by Shroomy05

    Half of the stuff in here are from IMCR8Z, so i credit him. Now i will share my ideas for Time Twister!

    The same as the present day, with everything from the past worlds, and other things! Power Tiles, AE Tombstones, DA Tombstones, world minecarts with special abilities, and...THE POOL! AND LOTS OF SUPRISE ATTACKS!

    • SANDSTORM! - Same, but now every zombies from every time peroid can utilize in sandstorms...even Gargantuars!
    • RAIDING PARTY! - Same, except, sometimes, one raiding rope can be held by up to 3 Swashbuckler Zombies!
    • BOT SWARM! - Same, except now every type of machine zombies can fall out of the sky instead of only Bug Bot Imps!
    • NECROMANCY! - Same.
    • AQUATIC NECROMANCY! ​- Ducky Tube Zombies (and their headwear variants) rise from the wate…

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