NOTE: This blog was made just for fun. 

Welcome to the PvZ wiki House of Staff tour!

First is Rollback corner.  We have currently 16 rollbacks here. They are simply the lowest end of staff. They DO know how to put a smile on everyone's fce, though!

NEXT!  We have the Chat Moderators.  They make sure you don't break any rules when chatting with all of your friends....or enemies, depending on what kind of person you are.  

Now, on to our newest ranking, the Forum Moderators!  We don't have any, yet, but we will by tomorrow.  

Then, the Administrators.  They are game changers!  They can make us safe, and run the place while our leaders aren't here!

Finally, there's Bureaucrats!  They are admins, but fancier, and can change a whole wiki for better, and promote other users. This is our hall of fallen or retired B-crats. 

Our current leader is Someone456!  The man with THE most edits, here.  and he's still going!   We salute him!  We also salute our vice-leader, Brainulator9!

Well, I hope that gives you a great view of our wiki if planning to sign-up.  If you are willing to sign-up, please read our rules of EVERYTHING, before making your final decision.