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Big Wave Beach plants

This blog is about Big Wave Beach as a whole.

Category 1: Costumes.  

I think the costumes are meh.  Homing Thistle looks good. The other I prefer not on unless special occasion.  I.E.: Christmas, Halloween, Birthdayz,etc.

Category 2: Usage.  

The Big Wave Beach plants have potenial endless zone usage.  Homing Thistle and Banana Launcher especially, because they are Cattail and Cob Cannon replacements

Category 3: Almanacs

They'rer almanacs are accurate, but not serious. They are fun to read. 

Category 4: Premiums

Chomper is the only premium for Big Wave Beach that costs real money.  Ghost Pepper *(during her time in the store) and Homing Thistle cost gems.  What could this mean? Either way, It's a nice change

(Final)Category 5: Appeal

They are appealing to the PvZ community so far.  Almost everyone was VERY happy for Chomper's return, and Homing Thistle has gotten a lot of praise. 

What do you guys think? Are the Big Wave Beach plants worth the usage/updating of the game?

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