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  • ShroomstagramUser

    Fixing Modern Day

    September 18, 2016 by ShroomstagramUser

    I know, I'm behind, but I want to get this out of my mind and onto a blog, because!  If one want to implement some or most of these changes, feel free to do so. This will be edited, later.

    • Arm and head losing animations for Balloon Zombie, All-Star Zombie, and Super-Fan Imp.
    • Overtime, make the yard a bit more paradoxal (Like, add a couple cracks after every 5 levels or so).
    • Add a few more world gimmicks.
    • Gold Leaf and Thyme Warp can be used on all levels where plants can be chosen, and can be obtained in Highway to the Danger Room.
    • Depending on the gimmicks on the level, Hot Potato, Lily Pad, Tangle Kelp, and Perfume-shroom can be usable.
    • Normal zombies will be affected by Pianist Zombie and Zombie King.
    • All level will be fixed on the highest dyn…

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  • ShroomstagramUser

    Starfruity did an idea, so why not me?

    The celebratory class is a class of plants ready to party like 1999.  Not only do they like to party (which makes other plants happy), but they also take from the zombies and give to the plants.

    The icon resembles a party hat, and is colored purple. (Brainy is pink; Crazy is Indigo)

    This class has plants with Deadly and Afterlife traits.

    10 cards in this collection.  They help give you a feel of this crazy deck.

    When played: Adds 4 Puff-shrooms to your hand

    Cost 2

    Stats: 2 / 1

    Tribe: Flower plant

    "You can thank her for the mass array of Puff-shrooms in your yard."

    Team-Up; When played: Zombies here can only attack every other turn.

    Cost: 3

    Stats: 3 / 2

    Tribe: Tree plant

    "Forgive me if I sneeze a lot....Ah..ah..AAHH....…

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  • ShroomstagramUser

    This will have many many many sins

    0. Modern Day is the last world in PvZ 2 (I hope)

    1. Your yard itself doesn't look paraxial.

    2. Portals don't appear often for being a main mechanic.

    3. Portals summon different zombies depending on whether it's a normal level or Highway to the Danger Room.

    4. Why summon two Tomb Raisers? Can't one of them be an Explorer, or better yet, a Ra?

    5. Pirate Seas portal is the only one that stays the same. Minus 1 sin for consistency.

    5. Wild West portals never appear in normal levels, which is sad, because they would have had Prospectors instead of Chicken Wranglers.

    6. Far Future portals could have been the worst, have they been summoned very close to your house.

    7. Just 3 Jesters? Talk about lazy. At least throw in a…

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  • ShroomstagramUser

    Wonder what would happen if some of your favorite plants were in Heroes? This may be a plausible solution for you.

    Give +1 /+1 to all ground plants

    Cost: 4

    Initial strength: 1 /2

    Rarity: Basic-Uncommon

    Subclass: Weed plant

    "He's a hockey coach in his spare time"

    Gives +1 /+3 to all ground plants

    Cost: 5

    Initial strength: 2 /3

    Rarity: Premium-Rare

    Subclass: Weed plant

    "Plays his music too loud on weekends."

    Switches from Peashooter to Repeater at complete random

    Cost: 3

    Initial strength: 1 /1 or 2 /2

    Rarity: Premium-Uncommon

    Subclass: Pea plant

    "They fight over everything, including their bed."

    Splash damage 3; gains +2 /+2 on heights

    Cost: 7

    Initial strength: 3 /4

    Rarity: Premium-Super-Rare

    Subclass: Fruit plant

    "As a sprout, he was in ROTC."

    Strikethrough; G…

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  • ShroomstagramUser

    I'm kinda in the mood for a PvZO related blog, so why not make and international version of their underwater world.

    • It will be renamed to Underwater Castle to sound more international.

    Head down into the oceans of China, where Zomboss is experimenting with sea life, spreading zombies into the ocean and destroying the food chain. Can the plants save the oceans from a zombie attack and live to tell the tale?

    Difficulty: 4 Jalapenos

    Levels: 32

    Main mechanic: The plants are in the water. Unless they are near an air source, they will drown.

    When in time did it take place: In between Dark Ages and Pirate Seas.

    There will be 6 plants introduced on the map, and no premiums tied into it.

    Breathe Bulbs allow plants to survive underwater.

    Sun cost: 25


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