• I live in Ocala
  • I was born on March 15
  • I am 9
  • Shopboy500

    I know it's hard for me but I'm going to scramble my password. It all started with Pokemon wiki. Again I'm not trying to vandalize but I'm just saying my good-byes to all my friends.

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  • Shopboy500


    We are about to launch an all-out-attack on your houze.


    The Zombies


    We would luv a gift so pleaze give us something juicy like brainz.

    Ok ok I got board so I posted this.....

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  • Shopboy500

    Brainiac Maniac

    February 5, 2012 by Shopboy500

    Defeating Dr. Zomboss is as easy as 1,2, plant! ''Get to level 5-10

    1. Put a catapult plant where the first zombie is.
    2. Repeat until plants are in each row.
    3. If Dr. Zomboss launches Ice Ball, plant a jalapeno in that SAME ROW!
    4. If he launches a fire ball, you can plant and ice shroom in any row.
    5. Repeat until he falls and you get a trophy!
    6. You win!

    P.S. I beat the game 2 times. No joke! '

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