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Top plants

Just put your favorite plants in PvZ2[Top 5!] in the comments.


Winners from round 1:

Ancient Egypt: (No one put ancient egypt, so I chose my favorite) Repeater

Pirate Seas: Cherry Bomb

Wild West: Winter Melon

Far-Future: Infi-nut

Dark Ages: Fume-Shroom (Tie for FS and SS, so I again chose mine)

BWB: Banana Launcher

FC: Chard Guard


We shall divide the plants into 2 teams.

Blue Team

  1. Repeater
  2. Cherry Bomb
  3. Winter Melon
  4. Infi-nut

Red Team

  1. Fume-Shroom
  2. Banana Lancher
  3. Chard Guard

Choose the team you like best.

Round ends on the 5th!

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