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FC P2 RPG Zombies

Basic Zombie- 60 HP

Tackle- Deals 10 damage.

Trip- Falls down, does nothing.

Buckethead Zombie- 200 HP

Rock Throw- Deals 40 Damage.

Dodge- Passive. Ignores damage greater than 60.

Screen Door Zombie- 175 HP

Punch- Deals 30 Damage.

Screen Door- Passive. Ignores damage lesser than 50.

Gargantuar- 600 HP

Smash- Deals 100 Damage.

Dr. Zomboss- 2000 HP

Fireball- Deals 80 Damage to all plants except Sunflower and Winter Melon.

Iceball- Deals 90 Damge to all plants except fire-based ones.

Spawn Zombies- Calls Zombies for help.

Throw truck- Deals 140 damage to 2 plants.

Octo Zombie- 60 HP

Throw Octopi- Deals 50 damage and stuns the plant for 2 turns.

Jester Zombie- 90 HP

Punch- Deals 80 Damage.

Reflect- Passive- Reflects projectiles.

Hunter Zombie- 80 HP

Snowball Throw- Deals 90 damage and freezes the tagert.

Trogolbite- 150 HP

Push- Deals 90 Damage.

Weasel- 5 HP, VERY FAST

Munch- Deals 200x0.5 damage (100)

Weasel Hoarder- 90 HP

Rock Throw- Deals 80 Damage

Spawn- Spawn 3 Weasels when damaged to 30 HP.





Plants' passive: If a plant is knocked out, others can revive the plant. But it takes up 1 turn.

Shivuraghav5 (talk) 05:26, March 15, 2015 (UTC)

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