Here is the long story I promised! :D

It was a dark, foggy, stormy night in the Homeowner's backyard. It was a wonderful time in Dr. Zomboss' lair. Zombies had the heaters on.

Dr. Zomboss: Listen, minions! You see how bad of a night it is outside?

Zombies: Yeah!

Dr. Zomboss: The making Gargantuar Giga experiment failed. It will work agin! In time...

Zombies: Darn it, Giga tried to kill me.

Zomboss: Anyway, let's take advantage of this weather. A surprise attack on the plants would be efficient!

Zombies: Yeah!

Zomboss: I'll come. My Zombot is ruined from last time. I'll go with Backup dancers.

Backup Dancers pop up from underground.

Zomboss: Squad 1, come with me!

Meanwhile, in the Homeowner's backyard...

Sunflower: I can't see a thing!

Chomper: Your telling me that!

Sunflower: Does anyone hear anything being eaten?

Peashooter: Ahh! My left leaf! Ouch, the pain! The Zombie has me!

Sunflower: A survivor! Let's see if this helps! Can you clear the fog?

Blover: Yes.

Blover blows away the fog. A HUGE WAVE OF ZOMBIES IS APPROACHING!

Sunflower: An ambush! They knew we were weakest!

Zomboss: An ambush! They knew we were coming!

Sunflower: I should have known they were coming! First lines of defense! CHARGE!!!

Lots of Jalapeños and Squash rushed into action. After the plants got to the zombies, smoke started to cover the lawn. After the smoke cleared, Zomboss and his backup dancers were the only survivors.

Sunflower: Peashooter! Your turn!

Peashooter shoots down a backup dancer.

Peashooter: Awesome!

The Backup Dancer rises from the ground.

Peashooter: Aww...

A survivor Jalapeño kills all the zombies except Zomboss.

Zomboss: You think I'm beaten? I'll be back!

Zomboss presses a button on his control panel on his wrist. An airplane comes and Zomboss flies away.

Sunflower: Darn it...

It stops to rain. The fog clears again. The sun rises!

Sunflower: Yay! Now, let's prepare for another invasion.

What will happen? Find out in Part 4!