It was another sunny and normal day in the homeowners yard.

Sunflower: It's so sunny, nothing can ruin my day!

A zombie pokes his head through a bush.

Zombie: Brainsssss!

Sunflower: Kill him, Squash!

Squash squashes the zombie.

Squash: Hey Sunflower, who said you were ever in charge?

Sunflower: If you don't want me to be in charge, you don't get any sun energy!

Squash: Can't argue about that.

Sunflower: I know. Here's more sun!

Sunflower produces 100 sun.

Squash: But what happens at night?

Sunflower: Simple. We get my son, Sun-Shroom to help! He will become an adult at the age of 18.

A Solar Eclipse occurs.

Squash: At least it's not foggy!

A wave of fog covers the lawn.

Squash: At least it's not a dark, stormy night!

Jalapeño: Do you hear thunder?

Sunflower: Oh No...

How will the plants survive? Will the Zombies attack? Find out in Part 3!

Note: Hey guys, Shadow here. Sorry about the shortness/boringness of the story today... I made a boring one today, and I promise to make an awesome and short one next time. See ya!