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Brains: Impossible Part 1

It was a sunny day in a homeowner's front yard.

Giga-Gargantuar: Lets get these brains of the unsuspecting homeowner!

Zombies: Yeah!

A huge wave of zombies is approaching!

Squash: Get out of here!

Giga: I will Squash your Squash!

Squash: Darn it! Aggggghhhh!

Giga: Hahahaha! My little Imp, get in there!

Imp: OK!

Giga throws the Imp.

Peashooter: Kill this little guy!

Sunflower: But he's cute!!!!

Peashooter: I need to take you to the eye doctor. Army! He's strong!!!

Peashooter shoots him with one Pea and the Imp dies.

Peashooter: OK then...

Giga: NOOO! My son! Wait I don't even have a girlfriend.

Giga goes on a rampage smashing everything. Including Zombies. A Zomboni explodes, destroying other zombies.

Zombie: Stop it!

Giga smashes other zombies too. The plants just watch. All the zombies are fighting in one spot. A Cherry Bomb falls.

Zombies: Uh oh!

Cherry Bomb: I'm a firing my laser!

Zombies: Nooooooo!

Cherry Bomb: Yessssssss!

The Zombies die when Cherry Bomb explodes. All but one. Giga-Gargantuar is injured. A Squash comes.

Squash: Payback time for what you did to my brother!

Giga: Uh oh!

Squash Squashes Giga, who drops money. The plants win. Giga's last words were, " I'll be back!"

Plants: We win!

Part 2 coming soon! If you disliked the story, the zombies will eat your brains!

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