• ShadowEyes978

    Here is the long story I promised! :D

    It was a dark, foggy, stormy night in the Homeowner's backyard. It was a wonderful time in Dr. Zomboss' lair. Zombies had the heaters on.

    Dr. Zomboss: Listen, minions! You see how bad of a night it is outside?

    Zombies: Yeah!

    Dr. Zomboss: The making Gargantuar Giga experiment failed. It will work agin! In time...

    Zombies: Darn it, Giga tried to kill me.

    Zomboss: Anyway, let's take advantage of this weather. A surprise attack on the plants would be efficient!

    Zombies: Yeah!

    Zomboss: I'll come. My Zombot is ruined from last time. I'll go with Backup dancers.

    Backup Dancers pop up from underground.

    Zomboss: Squad 1, come with me!

    Meanwhile, in the Homeowner's backyard...

    Sunflower: I can't see a thing!

    Chomper: Your te…

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  • ShadowEyes978

    It was another sunny and normal day in the homeowners yard.

    Sunflower: It's so sunny, nothing can ruin my day!

    A zombie pokes his head through a bush.

    Zombie: Brainsssss!

    Sunflower: Kill him, Squash!

    Squash squashes the zombie.

    Squash: Hey Sunflower, who said you were ever in charge?

    Sunflower: If you don't want me to be in charge, you don't get any sun energy!

    Squash: Can't argue about that.

    Sunflower: I know. Here's more sun!

    Sunflower produces 100 sun.

    Squash: But what happens at night?

    Sunflower: Simple. We get my son, Sun-Shroom to help! He will become an adult at the age of 18.

    A Solar Eclipse occurs.

    Squash: At least it's not foggy!

    A wave of fog covers the lawn.

    Squash: At least it's not a dark, stormy night!

    Jalapeño: Do you hear thunder?


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  • ShadowEyes978

    I'm Baaaaack!

    September 26, 2012 by ShadowEyes978

    Hello PvZ wiki! Earlier, I had said I became inactive. Forget that, cause I'm back! As usuall, I'll be on chat often. With more PvZ experience and knowledge, I'll be an active contributor! (Except for school).

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  • ShadowEyes978

    It was a sunny day in a homeowner's front yard.

    Giga-Gargantuar: Lets get these brains of the unsuspecting homeowner!

    Zombies: Yeah!

    A huge wave of zombies is approaching!

    Squash: Get out of here!

    Giga: I will Squash your Squash!

    Squash: Darn it! Aggggghhhh!

    Giga: Hahahaha! My little Imp, get in there!

    Imp: OK!

    Giga throws the Imp.

    Peashooter: Kill this little guy!

    Sunflower: But he's cute!!!!

    Peashooter: I need to take you to the eye doctor. Army! He's strong!!!

    Peashooter shoots him with one Pea and the Imp dies.

    Peashooter: OK then...

    Giga: NOOO! My son! Wait I don't even have a girlfriend.

    Giga goes on a rampage smashing everything. Including Zombies. A Zomboni explodes, destroying other zombies.

    Zombie: Stop it!

    Giga smashes other zombies too. The plan…

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  • ShadowEyes978

    Hello! Shadow here to tell you I will make a series called Brains: Impossible. Zombies will do numerous things all to get brains. I want to give a thank you to my friends Minh and Jack for helping me come up with this idea on chat. Brains: Impossible coming soon!

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