Hi! This is my first blog so don't critique me to much.

1. In the first place, I want your oppinions about plants that could/should be improved/deleted. Also, if you think of a plant thet could/should be deleted, think of a replacement.

My Ideas: Mostly about fog levels. There are just 2 shrooms (despite being night) and plants focus only on certain zombies, wasting slots. Example: The Split Pea, Starfruit & Magnet-shroom can all defeat (at least make other plants attack) digger zombies. Solution: Remove the Split Pea, replace it with an aquatic shroom. Reason: The Starfruit can deal with diggers (their attacks increase in power as the zombies get close). There are just 4 aquatic plants, only one being added at fog.

2. Same thing with zombies

My Ideas: Again, mostly at fog, at which three of five zombies (five that are first encountered in this stage) have some kind of specialization (Ballooners can fly, Diggers can ... er ... dig, and Pogos are annoying). I don't say that they should be deleted, but should appear on other stages, and more 'basic' zombies should appear instead (at least 1 replacement)

I gotta go now, but I'll update a week later (I'll b on holyday ^^). Hope to see some opinions