• ScarJosephBlood

    Hi! This is my first blog so don't critique me to much.

    1. In the first place, I want your oppinions about plants that could/should be improved/deleted. Also, if you think of a plant thet could/should be deleted, think of a replacement.

    My Ideas: Mostly about fog levels. There are just 2 shrooms (despite being night) and plants focus only on certain zombies, wasting slots. Example: The Split Pea, Starfruit & Magnet-shroom can all defeat (at least make other plants attack) digger zombies. Solution: Remove the Split Pea, replace it with an aquatic shroom. Reason: The Starfruit can deal with diggers (their attacks increase in power as the zombies get close). There are just 4 aquatic plants, only one being added at fog.

    2. Same thing with zombies …

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