now that neon mixtape tour side a and spoilers have been revealed and whatnot, i decided to do one of these thingies :D

by the way, disclaimer, don't take this seriously

first of all, the music gimmick is highly original, something i've never seen done before. making background music actually relevant to the world and have it affect the zombies? it is clearly the best part about the world, no questions


hey look a plant is returning, and it's not pumpkin

due to a lack of balloon zombies (or high-flying zombies in general), cactus shoots piercing spikes and when zombies are near, she hides and becomes a spikeweed, oh and she costs 50 more sun than usual, which i would say is a fair trade from her pvz1 counterpart. good job popcap, you did good

Phat Beet

"It's just a bad snapdragon/gloom-shroom clone" -Said everyone

phat beet is a good replacement for gloom, so thankfully gloom won't return. that's all i have to say, onto the next one

Celery Stalker

backstabbin' spies

this plant is okay, but it's another plant to add to the "hits from behind" bin, where there's already a lot of plants who do that

Thyme Warp

rip headphone users

i cannot begin the things wrong with this plant (well i can, so that's a lie)

  1. nmt exclusive
  2. heals zombies upon finishing the rewing (though doesn't give them their headwear back
  3. "what is that idle animation?"
  4. earrape

word to the wise: dont use this plant

Electric Blueberry

shut up it's my blog not yours, i can put unfinished plants in her if i want to

she's pretty overpowered, able to kill a garg in one hit. so if you ever wanted a counter for your damn hair metal gargs, then there you go

zombies coming soon, enjoy the blog or something ;3