A buggy Chinese spin-off game has a lot of faults, and it needs to be sinned for that.

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also some rules

  1. you can request sins
  2. if you do request a sin, make sure it's a good sin
  3. nothing offensive
  4. this will probably never end, unless i tell it to
  5. have a sense of humor
  6. no sins related to other video games, unless executed in a clever or funny way
  7. This is a joke.

  • Weird world selection screen.
  • Opening cutscene is the same as the original PvZ1 cutscene, but uses its own logo.
  • Crazy Dave tells you some gibberish in Chinese, then suddenly gives you Potato Hero.
  • Why is it called Potato Hero when it's clearly a Wall-nut?
  • Heroes are higher quality than their original counterparts, thus making them look out of place.
  • Potato Hero gotten before Wall-nut.
  • Baby Starfruit is on lawnmowers and gets stolen by a Robber Imp with a pelican.
  • Robber Imp is confirmed pedophile.
  • No music during Wall-nut bowling.
  • +500 sun bonus.
  • Unneeded boss battles.
  • Various PvZ2 plants return in a .jpeg format. How lovely!
  • Said returning PvZ2 plants have dual attacks. What is the point of this?
  • This game gets an underwater level that works exactly like many other PvZCC creations.
  • Laser Bean is confirmed piggy bank.
  • Snapdragon has arms.
  • Many non-upgrade plants use the upgrade seed packet.
  • Mushrooms can't breathe in water because why?
  • Two Potato Heroes.
  • Infinite gems exploit.
  • Cherry Carpet Bomb.
  • The Robber Imp is stronger than a Gargantuar.
  • Unneeded redesigns for returning PvZ2 plants.
  • Squash Hero has pigtail leaves.
  • Gravestone writing is still in English.
  • Oxygen Algae doesn't make a whole lot of sense since plants need carbon dioxide to live.
  • Peashooter Hero just wants to watch the world burn.
  • Robber Imp ex machina.
  • You get Zen Garden items for money.
  • When a Hero is on top of another plant, that plant becomes useless.
  • Even though most PvZ2 plants have been redesigned, Bonk Choy and Laser Bean still looks the same from PvZ2. (Sin by TheGollddMAN)
  • Hero Plants can breathe underwater without Oxygen Algae. (Sin by Da F2P Scout)
  • How are they going to get to the west while they're in underwater?
  • Starfish and Electric Anemone aren't plants. (Sin by Electric Plants)
  • The main menu has a child zombie however he is nowhere in the game. (Sin by Electric Plants)
  • Snapdragon only breathes 3 tile ahead of it in one lane unlike the other games. (Sin by Lily8763cp)
  • Carrot Missile Truck clearly doesn't look like a truck. (Sin by Lily8763cp)
  • Fish Thrower Imp. (Sin by Lily8763cp)
  • Pomegranate Machine Gun doesn't look like a machine gun.
  • Red Girl Imp is scantily clad. (Sin by ScourgesCustomPlants)
  • Squash Hero can throw rakes onto water.
  • The fact that they continue to update it even though that people have long since become bored of PvZ1. (Sin by Gargantuar333)
  • Flaming peas in water. (Sin by Electric Plants)
  • Water Gun Grass. (Sin by Electric Plants)
  • Day music is the only music played most of the time. (Sin by Reapeageddon)
  • Vigorous Broccoli is not broccoli. (Sin by Electric Plants)
  • Spider Devil Zombie. (Sin by CompliensCreator00)
  • No boss level music. (Sin by Birdpool)
  • Crazy Dave has literally two vocal sound that get annoying in many repeats. (Sin by Birdpool)

the people who have sinned are cool dudes