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    Lyrics for Ballad jam!

    September 20, 2015 by Rt genius0702

    I did it eventually! Lyrics for our beloved Ballad jam from Neon Mixtape Tour!

    This song is called Lonely Brain.  A song about a zombie dreaming of brain. Boombox Zombie said to me it's great! :)

    A lonely brain is hidden from the undead,

    Far, far away

    If it’s the chance to get it, I’ll go forward,

    Cause there’s no other way

    The moon is shining so bright,

    And I’m ready to fight!

    Tonight my dreams come true, plants won’t stop me again! And let the stars light my way!

    Tonight I’ll do find you, my lonely brain! Wait for me!

    Lonely lonely brain…


    A lonely brain is taken from the undead,

    My way is hard,

    We fell apart, my precious, don’t be frightened!

    I’ll never give up!

    The moon is shining so bright,

    Here comes the craziest night!!!

    Tonight my dreams come true,…

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