Ok, the point of this game is basically to read the paragraph, and at the end, there will be a gap. Vote in the poll what should fill the gap to determine the next part of the story!

Tall-nut was still sleeping when the daily bug check and watering was taking place. He slowly woke as he heard the Phonograph begin to play. He watched and saw Peashooter get sprayed and watered. Then Kernel-put. And then Plantern. Then it was Tall-nuts turn. "Awake yet?" the Homeowner asked. Tall-nut grunted, and closed his eyes. The homeowner sighed, and watered and sprayed him.

Peashooter stared at Tall-nut "Ungrateful brat" Peashooter said. "Selfish idiot" Kernel-pult said. "He needs an attitude change" Plantern said. The three of them looked at each other, and ______________

What did the three of them do?

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