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Fill the gaps! - Scaredy-shroom and Magnet-shroom

Ok, the point of this game is basically to read the paragraph, and at the end, there will be a gap. Vote in the poll what should fill the gap to determine the next part of the story!

"Wake UP!" Scaredy-shroom shot out of the ground like a Cherry Bomb on a pogo stick. "STAY BACK, you monster!" he squeaked "It's me, Scaredy!" said Magnet-shroom "Oh. Don't scare me like that" "For goodness sake, you get scared every time I say "Zombie"" "AIEEEEEEEEEE!" screamed Scaredy-shroom, jumping into the ground again. Magnet-shroom sighed, and then heard three knocks on the door. Both mushrooms went to the door, and opened it. Almost immediately, a bucket flew onto Magnet-shrooms head. A couple of zombies stared at the two mushrooms. For a few minutes, there was silence. Then, Scaredy-shroom screamed and _____________

What did Scaredy-shroom do?

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