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world war 2 idea

Rororoxor September 6, 2014 User blog:Rororoxor

New world idea

World war 2

Plants: B-B Pea-shoots peas that do very small damage but shoots at a high rate

Black eyed pea-shoots peas and headbutts zombies when they come close

Spike nut-attacks a zombie like spikeweed when being eaten

Dogwood-scares away cavalry horses

Acespearagus-deadly to plane zombies

Umbrella leaf-can block missiles

Boomshroom-kills all zombies in a column


Zombies: Soldier zombie

Conehead Soldier zombie

Buckethead Soldier zombie

Flag Soldier zombie

Rifle zombie-shoots at plants

Cavalry zombie-zombie runs through plants on horse while stabbing them with sword

General Gargantuar

Parachuter imp

Plane zombie-flies high over plants-resistant to blover

Missile zombie- fires rockets that fall onto plants, doing damage in a 3x3 area

Zombie tank-big enough to travel in 2 lanes, runs over plants and both sides must be defeated before its dead

Zombot aerial annihilator-plane that flies low, charges through plants and drops bombs and parachute imps

 Ambush-parachuters-imps fall onto screen

World special-trenchs-plantsin them can only attack with lobbed shots like roof in pvz1

Challenge zone- woes of war

Brain buster-enemy fire-conveyer belt level with a plane shooting at plants at regular intervals

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