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Rororoxor September 25, 2014 User blog:Rororoxor

takes place on moon. you cant plant directly on moon, but crazy dave brings flower pots in the first 3 columns. sun still falls.

plants: flower pot-allows you to plant on moons surface

astronut-weaker walnut that blocks wormholes and tractor beams

zoom-shroom-sends back alien projectiles

napricot-like empeach for regular zombies

rocket-dendron-fires rockets at zombies

gas plant (gas planet)-tap to push all zombies in lane back

garlic-makes zombies change lanes and instantly kills UFO when sucked up.

zombies: astronaut zombie

conehead astronaut zombie

buckethead astronaut zombie

flag astronaut zombie

asteroid zombie-moves fast, carries asterioud, and when near a plant, crushes itself and the plant.

alien zombie-shoot laser projectiles at the plants

spaceman gargantuar-crushes plants with meteor

martian imp

tractor beam zombie-continually pulls plants forward weakness:astronut, empeach, napricot

UFO zombie-flies low over plants and sucks them up. immune to blover. weakness-empeach, napricot, garlic

Rocket zombie-rocket comes at the edge of screen and starts engine (jet thrusters shoot fire that kill all plants in lane) if not defeated in time. Then slowly flies forward. weakness-empeach, napricot.

comet imp-imp riding comet very fast over plants. weakness-blover

Zombot space shuttler-summons zombies, kills plants with fire like rocket zombie.

ambush-invasion! wormhole comes and spews out martian imps.

wormholes also come and pull all plants forward 1 lane if not secured by astronut

brain buster: coming soon! post some ideas

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