HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS! That's just one thing to celebrate for you. But for me, I got another one: my very first year of existence in the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki community! It makes very happy, knowing that I am here for one year. And for my one year of existence, I'll tell you my story. Here it goes:

When I first clicked that sign-up button, I was very excited to fill out the form and make a change in this wiki, especially because I had progressed to the Wild West stage of PvZ 2. I was happy to know the information of plants and zombies both old and new, and since I noticed some mistakes in certain pages, I decided to click on the 'Contribute' button and select 'Edit', then change that error (which, until now, is what I do to certain pages). The next days, I began to join the forums and chat with some people, and they were pretty kind to me, especially those admins and bureaucrats whom I chatted once or twice with; ProcastinatorMan, MVZMW (which, sadly, is blocked for a long time, acoording to Brainulator9), and many more, along with some regular users. When I first opened my 'I Bet!' thread, I thought that it might not be a success, but it was the complete inverse. I also hesitated to move up a rank to Rollback, but I found out that I was a perfect candidate, since I like to pick out errors and change them to make them look more understandable. Many staff supported me, and then, I was promoted. I then became a bit more active in this wiki, until I was absent for a considerable period of time (check out my previous blog for that). And this is my story of my one-year journey in this wiki.

So, there you have it. You can post in the comments if you are interested in my story or if you want to congratulate me. Advanced thank-you to you! Also, you can click on this to go to ZomBotany PvZ Wiki, a compilation of ingame and fanmade ZomBotany Zombies, games, and everything related to ZomBotany. That's all I could say right now, and expect some changes in me as I continue on my journey!